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Emily is a clinically trained and licensed couple and family therapist and life coach. She specializes in the mind, body, soul connection and self-love, empowerment and confidence building work. Emily loves assisting women on their journey to empowerment, self-love and self-confidence. She helps them develop self-care practices and create a life they love. She holds a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Syracuse University. Originally from Ohio, she currently calls the Canadian 1000 Islands home and lives with her husband, daughter and cat.


A Note From Emily

I have always felt that my calling and purpose is to help others. I have worked with individuals, children,  couples and families in all life stages. I have also worked with and military families and trauma survivors as a trained trauma therapist. I use my skills and experience as a clinically trained and licensed therapist to help guide, support and encourage those who are ready and committed to make changes in their life.

The essence of my work focuses on the body, mind and soul connection to help facilitate self-growth and create peace in busy lives. I believe without that connection we feel lost, disconnected from ourselves, uninspired and unable to let our light within shine.

We get so overwhelmed by the demands and stresses of the world that we lose touch with who we are and the ability to create calm in our lives. We get so weighed down by the emotional residue in our daily lives from our experiences and the world around us that the light within us dims, waiting to be nurtured and shared with those around us.

I believe that spending time with yourself and maintaining a consistent self-care routine is essential to building that connection within, and fostering self-growth and self-love to create a more balanced life.

You are here for a reason, love. Take time to invest in, get to know and fall in love with yourself. Awaken that beautiful soul of yours and let your light within shine! The world needs your light and what you have to offer.

Feel free to connect with me and we can start that journey together.




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