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New Year, Hello You

Do you make resolutions each year but for whatever reason never completely follow through with them? Do you lose interest in them or after awhile feel less and less inspired and motivated, leading you to become frustrated with yourself? Why not try something new and start this year out right? 

This fall I read a book that discussed how our relationship and connection with ourselves is one of the most important relationships we will have. Oftentimes though, we don't treat the relationship with our self as important and valuable. We make promises to ourselves that we never keep. We make plans to do things and take care of ourselves but flake out or make an excuse for why there isn't time, saying "I'll do it later". We treat ourselves in a way that we would never treat our friends or loved ones.

Imagine if you had a friend that would always flake out, no show or cancel plans at the last minute. How would you feel? What would you think? After awhile would you still try to make plans with them?  Why should our relationship with ourselves be any different? 

When we make resolutions we may have the best of intentions, the desire for change and yet they always fall short. I'll help you connect with yourself, help uncover and process any blocks or emotions that keep you from committing to yourself and help you stay accountable and create steps to actually reach those goals. First you need to say yes and commit to showing up for yourself and the life you want. 

New Year, Hello You Package: Services

What we'll cover

In our 6 weekly, private 1:1 sessions together we will:

  • discuss your vision and goals for the year​

  • create a plan of inspired action to move you forward on achieving your goals

  • process and let go of any issues or emotions you may be struggling with

  • process and release any past issues or negative thoughts you may be telling yourself that may be keeping you from looking forward to the year ahead

  • release any anxiety or stress

  • receive tools and tips to manage stress

  • help you establish a self care routine to prevent burn out and overwhelm

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New Year, Hello You Package: Services
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The Benefits

From the comfort of your home you will be able to:

  • Get clear on your goals and desires for the year

  • Clear out and let go of past emotions, negative thoughts and funky feelings holding you back from starting your New Year off right

  • Reduce any anxiety

  • Reduce Overwhelm and Stress

  • Create a self care routine that is easy to maintain and works

  • Prevent burn-out

  • Feel excited and energized about the year ahead

  • Feel renewed and refreshed

  • Use the tools and guidance you have received and be able to apply them to your life throughout the year

  • Feel relaxed

  • Create a sense of peace in your life

New Year, Hello You Package: Services

The Details

  • You'll get 6 weekly, private 1:1 sessions with me.

  • The sessions will be held over Skype or FaceTime (video or audio) so we can meet from the comfort of your home no matter where you might be located.

  • Extended 1st session.

  • Email & messaging support.

  • This is open to clients worldwide.

  • After your first session, I will give you a link you can use to book your remaining sessions.

  • Payment plans are available. If you are interested just drop me a note!

This offer is a special, limited time offer available for $2,019 until February 16th... 

or until the sessions are sold out.    

 I wouldn't wait. Book today to secure your spot. 

New Year, Hello You Package: Services
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The New Year always makes me feel excited about all of the possibilities and opportunities waiting for me and they're waiting for you. One of the words I have chosen to focus on this year is connect. Connect with yourself and tune-in to your wishes, desires and goals that will lead you in taking inspired action. Connect with friends and loved ones to create more special moments together. Be present. Connect with the world around you. Open yourself up to amazing possibilities this year by taking this inspired action and connecting with yourself. 

You don't need to try to work through it alone. You can slow down and experience everything this year will have to offer. You are worthy! Let that sink in. You are worthy. 

Choose this year, 2019, to be the year you say hello to and connect with yourself.  Let this year be different and let it be the start to creating a life you love.

New Year, Hello You Package: Services
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